5 actresses who have acted in more films in a year .. The famous actress who sidelined Nayanthara

The most famous actresses in Kollywood are constantly starring in many films. And maintains her status as a heroine to leading actors. Thus you can see 5 actresses who have acted in more films in a single year.

Nayanthara: Actress Nayanthara is the highest paid actress in Kollywood. He has acted in seven films in 2019. That year, Sivakarthikeyan’s Mr. Local, Vijay’s Beagle, Faith, Murder, Lady Tiger and Love Action Drama were released for Nayanthara.

Keerthi Suresh: Actress Keerthi Suresh is currently a rising star in Tamil cinema. 7 films were released in 2018 starring him. Keerthi Suresh has acted in films like Sarkar with Vijay, Thana with Surya, Sami 2 with Vikram, Seemaraja with Sivakarthikeyan, Sandakkozhi 2 with Vishal, actress Tilak and Agniadavasi.

பிரியாமணி: Priyamani has made a name for herself in the Karthi starrer Paruthiveeran with her compelling role as Muthalaku. He has acted in 7 films in 2009. He starred in the films Drona, Mithrudu, Arumugam, New Face, Ninithale Inikum, Ram and Pravarakudu.

Sneha: Actress Sneha was once the supreme actress of Tamil cinema. He has acted in over 7 films in 2002 and 2008. His performances in Brivom Chandipom, Inba, Pandi, Adi Vishnu, Silambattam, Bandurangadu, Nee Sukame Nee Korukkunna were released in 2008.

Tamanna: Actress Tamanna has acted with leading actors in Tamil cinema. He also released 8 films in 2019. Kanne Kalaimane, Action, Devi 2, Fun and Frustration, Abhinandri 2, Kamoshi, Petromax, Sai Ra Narasimha Reddy were released in 2019 for Tamanna.

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