4 actresses who failed to do what Simran did .. It is a pity that they have shrunk and disappeared!

If they want to show their dedicated performance in Tamil cinema, they have to take advantage of the opportunity given to them and take the film to the masses. But actresses can only make a name for themselves if they get a character that suits them and they are fully dedicated to the few scenes available.

Sometimes there are characters in Tamil cinema who have a story feature centered on the heroines. But in this post we are going to look at the actresses who missed out on such story domains and pretended to be regular actresses and disappeared from the cinema.

Hansika: Hansika made her debut in Tamil cinema as a Publi Girl and has acted in many films as the dream girl of the youth. Hansika has acted in so many films that can be romantic scenes, sentimental scenes, romantic scenes, but she has not even acted in a role that emphasizes the heroine. Due to this he was sidelined from Tamil cinema and is currently busy acting in other language films.

Sri Divya: Sreedivya, who can be seen as the housewife next door, has proved herself by playing many roles in Tamil cinema. You may look at him and admire his beauty, but he never ends up playing a character who can be recognized for his acting. Sri Divya, who never paid much attention to glamor, has been forgotten from Tamil cinema for a while and is now without an all-address. Even though he gave a re-entry in any of the films, only the purple ribbon still comes to mind today. Apart from that, he has largely gone without being able to do anything in Tamil cinema.

Lakshmi Menon: Entering the cinema at a very young age, Lakshmi Menon was a comedian in many films and made a name for herself as a good actress. Although many of the films in his career have a plot that emphasizes the protagonist, he has struggled to prove himself until now because he missed those films. That is why she has been a wanted actress in Tamil cinema. He is currently seen only on Instagram and Facebook as no recent film starring him has been widely talked about.

Keerthi Suresh: For those who think that these people are on this list, Keerthi Suresh has acted in a couple of films that give prominence to the heroine, but he does not continue to do so, and he too is currently changing the track. He was talked about a lot when he was acting in a story that emphasized the heroine. But due to the circumstances of her time she has acted in many films and today she seems to be on the list of regular heroines. That is why Keerthi Suresh has joined this list.

Making actresses names in Tamil cinema is not an easy task. Even so, many actresses like Jyotika, Revathi, Simran, Radhika are still in our minds today and we admire them without losing even a little bit of that charisma in the films they act in today. Simran Priyamanavale would have played a character of his own in the film to the extent of surpassing Vijay. The main reason for that was because they were acting in a storyline that emphasized the heroines.

This is why they are still the proudest actresses in Tamil cinema today. This generation of actresses who miss it will soon disappear from the cinema. Even now, however, actresses like actress Nayantara and Samantha understand it correctly and are playing different roles and looking at their markets incorrectly. Heroes are ugly enough to ask for and buy equal pay.

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