3 years of relationship, open-speaking witness .. Another one before Gavin

Actress Sakshi Agarwal is very popular among the fans through the Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV. Prior to this, Sakshi has acted in films like Gala and Faith. Sakshi is currently starring in films as the lead heroine.

Sakshi, who currently holds several pictures, was interviewed by the media. Sakshi fell in love with Gavinu while attending Season 3 of the Big Boss show. That was the biggest controversy back then.

In this case the witness has told about his college romantic memories. That is, he has been in a relationship with someone for three years while in college. That too is right with looking at each other in the college canteen. And the two of them can talk with their eyes.

Also, if he says he’s calling at six, Soxie may have to wait until 8 o’clock for that phone call. Then you can leave college only once a month. Only then will you have the opportunity to talk to him face to face at the coffee shop.

Sakshi said those days were so beautiful. And my family knows this too. “My family trusts me and they know how much I’m going to get along with someone,” Sakshi said in the interview.

Sakshi is currently very active on social media. He has been getting the attention of the fans who posted sexy photos in it. Sakshi has also acted in films like Pakira, Puravi, The Night, The Cross Way, A Thousand Births, I Am Not God.

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