1000 crore cheated hit movie celebrity .. Adippona screen world

Vetrimaran is currently directing the movie Liberation. The film starring Suri, Vijay Sethupathi and Gautham Vasudev Menon in the lead roles will be released soon. The film is produced by Elred Kumar.

He has produced several films in Tamil including Go, Yamirukka Payamen and has also directed Adarva starrer Three Times Your Imagination. Apart from manufacturing he has also been doing some business including Calcutta.

In this case, the Income Tax authorities have received information that he has illegally evaded income tax. Based on that information, income tax audits were conducted at various locations such as his home and office.

The test, which lasted more than two days, revealed a number of startling facts. That means Elred Kumar has got Rs 3 crore cash and 9 kg gold without taking it into account at home. Officers who seized it have found some more information about him.

That means he is evading income tax of over Rs 1000 crore. It has come as a huge shock to the authorities who discovered it. So he has invested that black money that defrauded the law in real estate and many other companies.

Authorities are currently conducting a serious investigation into the allegations against him. This income tax fraud of the producer is currently causing a stir in the Tamil film industry.

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