The central government made a big announcement for the fitness of the old vehicle


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Car fitness


  • Automated testing to be implemented in a phased manner from April 2023
  • Automated fitness test to be mandatory for heavy passenger motor vehicles first
  • For light motor vehicles (transport), this rule will be effective from June 1, 2024.

new Delhi. The central government has made a big announcement regarding the fitness of vehicles. The government has made it mandatory to test the fitness of vehicles through Automated Testing Stations (ATS). That is, after this you will not have to make rounds of touts to get the vehicles fitness. If your vehicle is movable fit then it will pass in the fitness test without any hassle. It will be implemented in a phased manner from April 2023. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in an official statement on Thursday that with effect from April 1, 2023, the fitness test will be mandatory for heavy goods vehicles and heavy passenger motor vehicles through ATS.

Rules for cars will be effective from June 2024

The same rule for medium-sized freight vehicles or medium passenger motor vehicles and light motor vehicles (transport) will be made effective from June 1, 2024. According to the ministry, the vehicle’s fitness is checked from automated testing stations. Automated mechanical equipment is used in these stations for a variety of critical tests. “As per provision 175 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, a notification has been issued on April 5, 2022 regarding mandatory fitness testing of motor vehicles only through registered automated testing stations,” the ministry said.