People gathered on Liquor shops to buy liquor at half price, know how long you will get buy 1 get 1 offer | People gathered on contracts to buy liquor at half price, know how long you will get buy 1 get 1 offer

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  • Discount offers ranging from buy 1 get 1 to 40% for the past several days at liquor shops
  • It is proved by looking at the lines outside the liquor contracts of Delhi.
  • No announcement has been made by the dealers about the expiry of this discount.

Liquor Offer: There is currently a lottery for liquor lovers in Delhi. This fact is also proved by looking at the lines outside the liquor shops of Delhi. For the past several days, discount offers ranging from buy 1 get 1 to 40 percent are being available at many liquor shops. The contracts have also put up posters of cheap liquor from Haryana and UP.

One of the reasons behind the crowd gathering at liquor shops was that the discount would be available only till Monday. Being the last day of the month, people are afraid that the offer may get out of hand. In such a situation, people are shopping fiercely even on Mondays after the weekend. However, at present, no announcement has been made by the government or the dealers about the end of this discount.

The Excise Department says that in the new policy, the vendor (contract operator) has the right to give a discount at any time period to increase its sales. If the shopkeepers feel that there is a need to increase sales even further, then they can offer other offers including discount in prices. There is no bar on selling at minimum. In such a situation, due to heavy competition, liquor is being sold on liquor contracts with 40% discount.

Company MRP Discount Rate
Chivas Regal Rs 2,920 Rs 1,890
Glenlivet Rs 7,415 Rs 5,115
Whiskey Taliskar Rs 4,350 Rs 3,125
Jack Daniel’s Rs 2,730 Rs 1,775
Absolut Vodka Rs 985
Jacob’s Creek Rs 765
Ballentine’s Finest Rs 1,490 Rs 970
Johnnie Walker Black Label Rs 2,980 Rs 1,935
Bombay Sapphire Gin Rs 2,050 Rs 1,330

Understand the math of cheap wine

The reason for such relief on liquor in Delhi is the new excise policy. Under the new policy, the Delhi government has fixed the maximum limit on the rate of liquor. Contracts have to sell liquor for less than this, not more. Competition has increased among liquor shops. There is no limit on the stock of liquor here. Traders are picking up stock up to three times. In any case, the number of customers is gone.

Delhi’s new excise policy

Under the new liquor policy, the city has been divided into 32 zones, so that there is equitable distribution of liquor. It has been said to open two shops in each ward. Under the new policy, permission has been given to open 849 shops, out of which 564 have been opened. 134 more shops will open in the next few days. In the new excise policy, stores have been allowed to give gifts and discounts.