Milk Price Hike: Amul milk becomes expensive, new prices will be applicable from March 1, 2022. AMUL milk price Rs 2 increases, check new rate


AMUL increases the price of milk by Rs 2- India TV Paisa


AMUL increases the price of milk by Rs 2

Amul Milk Price hike: The common man who is suffering from inflation will have to pay more money for the increased price of milk. Amul Company has decided to increase the price of its milk by Rs 2 per liter. The new prices will be applicable with immediate effect from 1st March 2022 i.e. Tuesday. The increase of Rs 2 in Amul Milk Prices will be effective from tomorrow i.e. 1st March 2022 across the country.

Let us tell you that the price of LPG gas cylinder is fixed on the first of every month. Amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, there may be a big change in the prices of LPG cylinders. With the effect of Russia-Ukraine war being seen all over the world, it is expected that the prices of LPG gas cylinders may increase in March 2022. At the same time, the price of crude oil has gone beyond $100 internationally. It is believed that after the elections in 5 states, there can be a big increase in the price of petrol and diesel in the country.

Price of non-subsidized gas cylinder has not changed for five months

Let us inform that there has been a relief in the prices of non-subsidised gas cylinders for several months. There has been no change in the price of domestic LPG cylinders in the country since October, even after the steep increase in the price of crude oil. In such a situation, it is being feared that after the election i.e. after March 7, the price of LPG cylinder may increase by Rs 100 to 200. Domestic LPG gas cylinders (14.2 kg) currently cost around Rs 900 in Delhi and Mumbai, Rs 926 in Kolkata, Rs 916 in Chennai.

commercial cylinder became cheaper

Talking about the commercial cylinder, between October 2021 and February 1, 2022, its price has increased by up to Rs 170. On October 1, the price of a commercial cylinder in Delhi was Rs 1736. Wherein in November it increased to Rs 2000 and in December it increased to Rs 2101. However, after this it became cheaper again in January 2022 and became cheaper in February to Rs 1907.