Indian Railway Rules Do Not Do These Mistakes At Night Otherwise You Will Have To Pay Fine

Every day lakhs of passengers travel by train to reach their destination. Railway is considered to be the lifeline of India. We all must have traveled by train at least once in our life. Many times people do not know about many rules of railways after doing regular travel in railways. Railway has made many rules for the convenience of the passengers. The purpose behind making these rules is that the people traveling together should not face any problem.

Many times during night travel, many people talk in loud voice. At the same time some people listen to songs in loud voice. Due to this, the co-passenger traveling together has to face trouble. In such a situation, the railway is very strict against the passengers disturbing in this way. You can be fined and jailed for disturbing others. So let us tell you about those mistakes which you should avoid doing at night time. Due to these mistakes you can get into big trouble. So let’s know about this-

listen or sing aloud at night
It is the habit of many people that even during the night, they listen to songs in a loud voice in the train. In such a situation, other co-travellers may have to face trouble. In such a situation, if a passenger complains to you, then the railway can fine you for disturbing the sleep of other passengers at night.

Do not keep the light on even by forgetting at night
According to railway rules, it is forbidden to keep the lights on in the coach from 10 pm to 6 am. Keeping the lights on can cause problems for other passengers. If a co-passenger complains about keeping the lights on, then in such a situation you may also have to pay a fine.

talking loudly on mobile
Let us tell you that it is forbidden to talk loudly in the train at night. Passengers are sleeping during the night. In such a situation, talking in a loud voice disturbs the sleep of the rest of the passengers. In such a situation, if you talk loudly on the phone at night and it disturbs the sleep of the rest of the passengers, then in such a situation the railways can take action against you. First of all, TTE understood you first. After that, you can be fined for not listening to the passenger. Along with this, he can take action against you under section 145.

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