Indian Railway Rules Do Not Cross Railway Lines In Wrong Way Otherwise You Will Have To Pay Five Know Details

Railway is very careful about the safety of the passengers. Every day lakhs of passengers take advantage of railway service. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the Railways to take care of their safety. Many times you must have seen that many railway passengers cross from one platform to another platform or on the railway line instead of using the foot over bridge to cross the road. In such a situation, many times he becomes a victim of railway accidents.

For this reason, the railways has also started a variety of awareness campaigns for the safety of the passengers so that people cross the railway line safely. In this sequence, while giving instructions to all its divisions, the Northern Railway has told that if any person is caught crossing the railway line on foot, breaking the railway rules, then strict action should be taken against him. Along with this, awareness campaign should also be run among the people so that they avoid making such mistake.

Work is going on continuously for Rail Over Bridge
Let us tell you that every year dozens of lives go to cross the railway line. In such a situation, keeping in view the safety of the people, the railway is engaged in the construction of rail underpasses and rail over bridges for every station and railway crossing. This will prevent accidents on railway tracks.

This action will be taken against those who pass the railway line wrongly
Railways has implemented a new rule to prevent people from going on the tracks. According to this rule, the Railways has deployed RPF (Railway Police Force) personnel near the railway tracks. These jawans will now keep an eye on those who cross the railway tracks risking their lives. Along with this, if any person is caught doing this on the railway tracks, then the Railways will take the strictest action against such people and a case will be registered against them. Action will be taken against such people under Section 147 of the Railways. If found guilty in this case, the passenger can be jailed for 6 months or fine of 1000 rupees or both. Railways is taking all these steps to ensure the safety of the passengers.

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