Despite heavy ups and downs in the stock market, these 10 stocks did rich in February Despite heavy ups and downs, these 10 stocks gives bumper returns

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  • February has been a volatile month for the stock market
  • Shares of most companies saw a fall
  • However, some companies have given good returns despite this.

new Delhi. February has been a very volatile month for the stock market. In the initial month, due to the apathy of foreign investors, there was a big fall in the market. At the same time, in the second fortnight, due to rising tensions between Russia-Ukraine and later the war broke out, there was a big fall in the market. After March, 2020, there was a second major fall in Sensex and Nifty on 24 February. Despite this, there are many such stocks which have done the work of giving bumper returns to the investors. We are telling you the top 10 returns giving stocks in the month of February.

Top 10 Returning Stocks in February

stock current price Price change in 30 days bounce
CreditAccess Grameen 749.95 153.75


Blue Star 1,070.10 199.95 22.98%


553.00 88.55 19.07%

Orient Refractories

521.40 78.45 17.71%


573.75 83.40 17.01%
Ratnamani Metal 2236.20 316.20 16.47%
Vedant 380.30 52 16.07%
VIP Ind 639.45 77.85 13.86%
Tata Steel 1220.75 136.10 12.55%
Fine Organic Ind 4290.10 467.85 12.24%