Who is Brandon Manyo Dixon? Suspect shooting of tourists


Who is Brandon Manyo Dixon?  Suspect shooting of  tourists
Who is Brandon Manyo Dixon? Suspect shooting of tourists

Brandon Manyo Dixon was identified as the shooter British tourists in Venice on July 30. Let’s  see that who is Brandon Manyo Dixon and the suspect who shot and killed British tourists.

Who is Brandon Manyo Dixon?

Brandon Manyo Dixon is wanted by police after allegedly shooting two visitors in Venice in July. The suspect was depicted in a photo released Wednesday by Los Angeles police. The LAPD asked the public to come forward with information about the suspect.

In Venice Beach, the suspect was seen on video chasing bystanders and shooting at them, police said. Police are searching for a man seen on surveillance video shooting two British tourists in the Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles over the summer.

Why did the suspect shoot the two Britons?

According to the LAPD, on July 30, Dixon and an accomplice got into a fight with two British visitors outside a bar.

DHis discussion reportedly turned into a violent confrontation. Dixon allegedly shot the victims after chasing them with a gun. However, the victims survived.

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The LAPD released video footage that depicts a man chasing two people in a crowded area, armed. “Both of the victims sustained significant gunshot wounds and were hospitalized for their injuries,” they later said, surviving.

Brandon Manyo Dixon – Wanted by Police:

A 31-year-old leader of a digital agency is one of two British visitors who were shot by a shooter in Los Angeles,

Charlie Rodman was shot in the hip while vacationing with a friend after an argument with the gunman, Brandon Manyo Dixon, who the LAPD is currently looking for.

In an effort to track down Dixon, who is wanted for attempted murder, police have now made CCTV footage of the incident on July 30 public.

The tourists got into a violent dispute with Brandon Manyo Dixon and his friend while they were both waiting outside a Venice Beach pub, according to the police.

When the argument grew physical, Dixon shot and critically injured the two terrified Britons as he fled the scene, chasing them with his revolver.

Mr. Rodman received care in the hospital

Dixon is still being sought by authorities; He is considered armed and dangerous. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Brandon Manyo Dixon is wanted for attempted murder after he is accused of shooting two British visitors in the 20 block of Windward Avenue on July 30, 2022.

Call 911 if you see him, LAPD said. The incident happened It was captured on surveillance video released by the LAPD.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Detective Jurado at (310) 482-6369 or (323) 229-6286, or by email at [email protected]. Tipsters can also call 877-LAPD-247 or Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

A masked mob attacked and shot Florida vacationers in Venice in February. The homeless population in Venice, a popular tourist destination, grew until authorities recently cleaned up the area. Venice has long been a target for crime and drug use.

What was the reaction of the people?

His father Chris Rodman told

It’s been a very traumatic experience for Charlie and the family. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

‘He’d flown out on holiday with a friend and the two of them were also looking into a couple of possible business ventures.

D Todd McCormick commented,

I’m sure he’s a nice guy. Covid made him do it, no doubt.

Frank Dorsey commented,

When they catch him, he points a gun at the police,,,no court date needed.

Kitzer tweeted,

The LAPD has identified the suspect as Brandon Manyo Dixon. Dixon and his friend got into an argument with two tourists from England. The argument then turned into a fight, police said. Dixon allegedly chased the victims with a gun.

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