Toddler Quinton Simon’ at Georgia landfill..what happened Explained

Toddler Quinton Simon’ at Georgia landfill..what happened Explained .

Toddler Quinton Simon' at Georgia landfill..what happened Explained
Toddler Quinton Simon’ at Georgia landfill..what happened Explained

Cops claim to have found the bones of missing toddler Quinton Simon at a landfill in Georgia, and they are accusing his mother, who downed shots while searching for the child, of murder.
According to the Chatham County Police Department,

Leilani Simon, 22, reported her 20-month-old son Quinton missing from their Savannah, Georgia residence on October 5.
For a month, detectives have been looking for Quinton’s remains in a neighbouring landfill after learning that the police believe his body was dumped in a garbage.
Although his body has never been located, bones have been retrieved from the landfill, and DNA testing is currently being done to determine their identity. This is a ‘heartbreaking development’ as the results are likely to be announced within the next few days.
According to the police, Quinton was murdered.

what happened to toddler Quinton Simon’?.

Following the discovery of what are thought to be the toddler’s remains in a landfill, his mother, Quinton Simon, has been charged with murder.

The 22-year-old Leilani Simon was detained and charged on Monday, according to the Chatham County Police Department.

Simon was driven to the Chatham County Detention Facility, where she will sit in detention until her bond hearing. Police say they don’t plan to make any additional arrests in relation to the case.

In relation to her son’s disappearance and death, Simon has been charged with malice, murder, hiding another person’s death, false reporting, and making false claims.

Police verified finding human remains on Friday, according to Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley, who spoke at a press conference on Monday night.

This afternoon, our search teams at the landfill for waste management discovered what they thought to be human remains.

We have every reason to believe that further testing, including DNA analysis, will establish that the remains are those of Quentin. The FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, confirmed that they are, in fact, human remains.

During the 15-minute press briefing, Chief Hadley appeared to be overcome with emotion as he called the findings a “heartbreaking development.”

“When we first received the call that Quentin was missing, we were hopeful that we would locate him alive and undamaged.

This is a terrible outcome for everyone who loved Quentin, for the many individuals who got to know him following his abduction, and for our department.

Though as we.

Chatham police investigate

The hunt for the Little Neck Landfill started a month ago, according to the Chatham County Police Chief, and eventually the partial remains of a human infant were discovered.

In response to a question from a reporter, Hadley stated, “We had every belief that Quinton was at the landfill.”

Additional testing is currently being done to ensure that the bones are truly Quinton’s after the bones were delivered to a lab. Police said they have a “high level of confidence” that they are the children, and a decision will probably be made within a few days.

Will Clarke, the senior supervisory resident agent in charge of the FBI’s Savannah and Brunswick offices, described what occurred to the 20-month-old kid as “unthinkable.”

No child should ever experience abuse from anyone, much less the one who is supposed to act as their guardian. There is yet much to be looked into. There’s still work to be done. The FBI will keep looking for justice for Quentin with the assistance of our law enforcement allies. There is further work to be done in this inquiry.

We were positive he was in the landfill. Hadley, who was visibly moved as he spoke about how proud he was of his team and the work they had put in to get to this point, said, “We have spent thousands of hours into this.

Hadley commended the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Natural Resources for cooperating with his team.

“I would want to thank the FBI. We are incredibly appreciative of their invaluable assistance. Their knowledge, skill, resources, and leadership are unmatched and were essential to our search for Quentin. They helped with every stage of this inquiry and arrived on the scene three hours after Quentin was reported missing. We were able to find Quentin thanks to the amazing resources they expended on the landfill search.

On October 5, Simon reported 20-month-old Quinton missing from their house in Savannah, Georgia. Police have determined that he was murdered even though his body has not yet been located.

The police said in a statement on Monday afternoon, “We are profoundly grieved by this case, but we are thankful that we are one step closer to justice for little Quinton.”

Danny Youngkin, Leilani’s boyfriend, was last seen with him at 6 am on the day he disappeared, but his mother didn’t report him missing until after 9 am, according to authorities.

Investigators had looked for Quinton’s remains in a neighbouring landfill because police believe his body was dumped in a garbage.

The 20-month-disappearance old’s and assumed death were both linked to Leilani as the main suspect. On October 12, Child Protective Services also took her other two children from her custody.

Leilani and her mother Billie Jo Jowell were sobbing at Sting Ray’s, a beach club in the nearby tourist destination of Tybee Island, two weeks after Quinton went missing. WSAV managed to get a snapshot of Leilani inside the pub.

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