Kelsey Parker, 32 The Wanted star Tom Parker, since losing him to cancer eight months ago .

Kelsey Parker, 32 The Wanted star Tom Parker, since losing him to cancer eight months ago

Kelsey Parker, 32 The Wanted star Tom Parker, since losing him to cancer eight months ago .

After losing her beloved The Wanted actor husband to brain cancer at the age of 33,

Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey is eight months into a romance with an electrician she met in Greece.

As she adjusts to life without the tragic pop sensation Tom Parker, his widow has found comfort in a new man.

Mother-of-two Since losing her husband, The Wanted actor Tom, to cancer eight months ago, Kelsey Parker, 32, has been grieving his passing.

Recently, she acknowledged that life without him was “tough.”
But after recently meeting electrician Sean Boggans, 39, friends are glad that actress Kelsey is looking forward and is in the beginning stages of a relationship with him.

Recently attended the wedding- Kelsey .

t’s still very early, so no one can predict what the future will hold, but for the time being, Kelsey is content that someone new has entered her life, according to a source.

It’s thought that Kelsey and Sean, a father of two, met while Kelsey was vacationing with friends in Lindos, Rhodes, in September.

Kelsey most recently attended the wedding of a relative of Sean’s in Kent, where the pair was obviously in love.

Sean just divorced the mother of his children, but Kelsey wasn’t involved.

latest interview

After her children, Bodhi, 2, and Aurelia Rose, 3, had fallen asleep for their recent interview on TV’s Loose Women, Kelsey spoke movingly about the gap left in her life by the loss of Tom.

Evenings are so difficult, she complained. “Because the kids are in bed and it’s just me then, and that’s when you speak to your partner, you gossip and you talk, and I don’t have that any more,” the person said.

With a special Father’s Day post on Instagram in June, Kelsey makes a concerted effort to keep Tom’s memory alive in the minds of her young children. However, she does acknowledge that Father’s Day will be difficult.

She participated in a demanding five-day race earlier this month.

Kelsey documentary

My workout regimen is motivated by the idea of joining a group of incredible individuals who have also endured tremendously trying circumstances and overcoming this task together.

Tom passed away at the age of 33 from stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer.

His illness was discovered in October 2020, and doctors gave him just 12 months to live. He passed away on March 30, 2022.

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The following month, Kelsey will star in an ITV documentary on her loss and the changes in her life since Tom’s passing.

In the documentary, Kelsey will share her experience of grieving while raising their children.

Life After by Kelsey Parker Tom will witness her letting cameras inside her house to record her incredibly personal journey

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