How did Derrick Leto die? The Worcester sergeant explained the cause of death

Worcester Police Diversity Officer, Sgt. Derrick Leto, 42, of Millbury, died Friday.

Sergeant Derrick Leto of the Worcester Police Department passed away suddenly on March 17, 2023.

Derrick Leto, a Worcester sergeant, has died without a job, according to city officials.

“I am heartbroken and saddened to share with the Worcester Police Department the dereliction of duty of Derrick, Sergeant and Diversity Officer”.

The exact cause of his death is still unknown. In honor of Worcester Police Sgt. Flags fly at half-mast in Derrick, Worcester.

Sergeant Derrick Leto served as the department’s chief diversity officer. Leto, a Millbury resident who was promoted to sergeant in 2017, died Friday.

Who is Derrick Leto?

Sergeant Derrick was a Sergeant and Diversity Officer for the Worcester Police Department.

In addition to his work as a police officer, Leto volunteered at Worcester youth programs. He was also a father and husband.

He plays basketball and is also a boxer. Derrick gave hope and inspiration to many.

He could make everyone in the room laugh and have fun. Leto has a great personality and a beautiful heart. He had a pure spirit among other admirable qualities.

He developed this reputation as a result of his behavior and interactions with others. Because he wasn’t driven by selfishness, he made an impression on those around him, and that impression won’t soon be forgotten. He’s a helpful kind of guy.

Derrick Leto is the cause of death

Sergeant Derrick’s cause of death is unknown. “There are no words to express how difficult this loss is for the men and women of the Worcester Police Department and the entire city.”


According to a social media statement Friday by District 2 Councilwoman Candy Mero-Carlson, City Manager Eric Bautista described Derrick as “a great police officer and an exceptional human being” in a letter to city staff.

According to Bautista’s letter, the department will provide peer support and crisis intervention to Worcester police and other workers affected by the death.

Derrick’s loss has left a great void in the entire Worcester community.

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