How did Father John Boyd-Boland die? Franciscan Father’s Cause of Death Explained


Franciscan Father John Boyd-Boland has died aged 82.

What happened to Franciscan Father John Boyd-Boland?

Father John Boyd passed away last night. Ipswich parish priest Franciscan Father Stephen Bliss was by his side. “We offer our condolences and prayers to his family, loved ones, members of other religious congregations, friends and the many students, parents and staff of Padua College touched by more than 50 years of pastoral ministry,” Padua College Rector Peter Elmore said in an announcement to the community.

“The loss of Fr Boyd-Boland will have a huge impact on our Padua College staff, students and old boys as he has been at the heart of all things Padua for many years.”

Father John Boyd-Boland was the cause of death

Franciscan Father John Boyd-Boland died last night at the Regis Aged Care, Ludwig, aged 82. Friends and family have been expressing their condolences on social media. The community asked those close to them to join in the prayers at the church.

“We ask everyone in our community and the wider Catholic education community to join us in praying for the eternal repose of his soul. “Lord, give him eternal rest; And let eternal light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all departed believers rest in peace with God’s mercy?”

About Father John Boyd

Father John Boyd was born in Sydney in 1941. Randwick graduated from Marcellin College. He was ordained a priest in 1970. Fr Boyd-Boland’s life exemplifies his incredible service to Padua College and the Franciscan Friars. He started as a teacher in 1972-73 and later served as college dean from 1990-2000.

During his tenure as Rector, he was a driving force behind the development of the College, with the development of the Amaroo Outdoor Education Center and Banyo Playing Fields. He led the reorganization of the pastoral care system and the development of our house structure, and was instrumental in the foundation of the Associated Students. He was also instrumental in the building of the college’s main building and the renovation of St. Francis Hall.


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