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Noel Gordon Death, Life, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Children Former English actress and television personality Noelle Gordon was born on December 25, 1919 in East Ham, London, United Kingdom.

Noel Gordon died on April 1, 1985 in Birmingham, United Kingdom at the age of 65. Gordon died of stomach cancer and was buried in the churchyard of St Mary’s Parish Church in Rose-on-Wye.

Gordon’s father was an engineer in the merchant navy in what is now part of the London Borough of Newham. After attending a convent school in Ilford, Maud was tutored in dance by Wells, and then lived in Southend-on-Sea for several years.

He made his debut at East Ham Palace shortly afterwards, singing “Dear Little Jammy Face” in a London restaurant.

After this incident his mother and aunt were keen for him to start a career in theatre. On July 3, 1928, as a small child, Gordon participated in the world’s first color transmission, becoming the first woman to be seen on color television.

Noel Gordon National

Gordon was born in East Ham, London, England. She is British.

Noel Gordon Age

Noelle was born on December 25, 1919, so she was 65 years old when she died.

Noel Gordon Education

Gordon attended a convent school in Ilford. However, we don’t know the college she studied at the moment.

Noel Garden Industry

Gordon attended RADA and performed on the West End stage and repertory theatres. He performed in The Lisbon Story at the London Hippodrome from June 1943 to July 1944. In April 1949 she played Meg Brockie in the original London production of Brigadoon at Her Majesty’s Theater for 685 performances.

He was with the cast during the cross-country tour. Billie Adams had previously played the London season at the Coliseum, and she appeared on tour in 1953 in the role of Mrs. Sally Adams.

He made small cameo appearances in two British films, The Lisbon Story (1946) and 29 Acacia Avenue (1945). Her acting career took off when she joined Associated Television in London and hosted the network’s inaugural The Weekend Show.

He was the head of lifestyle projects and worked behind the scenes. After studying television at New York University in the US, Gordon helped Reg Watson and Ned Sherin establish ATV Midlands in 1956.

Gordon joins the new Birmingham-based service as a producer and anchor. Tea with Noel Gordon, the first widely watched ITV chat show, was his first TV show for ATV in the Midlands. While hosting the series, Harold Macmillan became the first woman to interview a British Prime Minister while in power.

After 2,000 episodes, Lunchbox ended in the summer of 1964. This gave way to a brand new daily soap opera called Crossroads, starring Meg Richardson (later Meg Mortimer) as the owner of the Garden Motel. It was written specifically for him as he was still under contract with Lew Grade’s ATV.

She first received the TV Times Award for Most Popular Television Actress on eight different occasions between 1969 and the following ten years. The rest of the cast of Crossroads were all hired on an as-needed basis; Gordon was the only one with a long-term contract.

When ATV was reformed as a new business, Central Independent Television, Gordon remained with the program until being fired in 1981.

Crossroads was a commitment made to Central by ATV, but president of drama Margaret Matheson and president of programs Charles Denton decided to cancel the soap opera in favor of more expensive and lavish theatrical productions.

Crossroads was renamed Crossroads Motel in 1985 at the request of Matheson’s successor, Ted Childs, and he adapted the show. Beginning with a three-month tenure in April 1985, a new format of the show was created to bring Gordon back periodically.

The idea for Gordon to reprise the role of Meg came from new producer Philip Bowman, who had broken ties with Ronald Allen and Sue Lloyd. Gordon, who had previously made 3,521 appearances, was unable to return as scheduled due to illness.

After his contract with Crossroads was terminated, Gordon performed in Gypsy at Leicester’s Haymarket Theatre, then toured the Midlands for the Call Me Madam revival.

After that, it moved to the West End’s Victoria Palace Theatre, where it played for just 88 performances. Her last performance was Boyfriend at Plymouth Theater Royal. She was sick while running and had to be replaced.

Gordon said in an interview with TV Times in 1981 that he would accept an invitation to present again when his stage work was over. During the same interview, she said negotiations were underway for a possible position as a breakfast TV presenter.

Noel Gordon family and siblings

Gordon was born to James Gordon OBE and Joan Gordon.

Husband of Noel Gordon

Gordon never married.

Noel Gordon Children

We are not sure if she had any children.

Gordon’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million.


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