How did Jack Flint die? Music icon cause of death has been explained

Jack Flint, Red Dirt Country Artist, Dies at 37 Let’s take a closer look at what happened to him and the death of Jack Flint.

How did Jack Flint die?  Music icon cause of death has been explained
How did Jack Flint die? Music icon cause of death has been explained

What happened to Jack Flint?

Oklahoma-based Red Dirt country musician Jake Flint has died at the age of 37, according to his wife and longtime manager.

Unfortunately, just hours after his Saturday wedding, he tragically died (November 26).

Brenda Cline, Flint’s manager, wrote a heartfelt condolence on Facebook for her client and friend. “It is with a broken heart and great pain that I have to announce that Jack Flint has sadly passed away,” he said. I’ve tried to post several times today, but you can’t even mention something you can’t understand.

It is with a broken heart and deep sorrow that I must announce the tragic passing of Jack Flint. I’ve tried several times today to create a post, but you can’t comment on what you can’t process.

The photo below is when Jake and I excitedly signed our artist management contract. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and partnership. Jake was more than that to me, I loved him like a son.

Funniest, funniest, hardworking, dedicated artist I’ve ever worked with in my life. After he and Brenda got married we were going to do some business together – and that was yesterday. Yes-yesterday. Jake has a million friends and I don’t know how everyone will cope with this tragic loss.

We need prayers – these are all very real. Please pray for his new wife Brenda, Jake’s precious mother, his sister and his family and friends. This can be incredibly difficult for many people. We love Jake and you in our hearts forever.

Flint’s new wife, Brenda Wilson, posted video footage of the couple’s wedding day, captioning the post, “I don’t get it.”

Jack Flint is the cause of death

Following his death, many of Flint’s friends shared memories on social media, as did the bars and venues he frequented as an artist. The official cause of death is yet to be reported. Neither online reports nor family members have yet released a cause of death for Jack Flint.

Mpmcorner is trying to reach family and relatives for comment on the incident. No response yet. We will update the page once we get enough information. More information on Jake Flint’s cause of death will be added soon.

Who is Flint?

Born in Mounds, Oklahoma in 1985, Flint first learned to play guitar when his father asked some musician friends to teach him the instrument after receiving a diagnosis of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

The singer’s website says those beginnings inspired him to attend Flint bluegrass festivals and eventually lead him to start playing.

In 2020, he released his latest single “What’s Your Name”. While this is going on, Flint has several shows planned for 2022 and 2023. He also became a prominent artist in Oklahoma, Texas and other states.

Country music fans mourn the death of Jack Flint

Jake Flint’s fans flocked to social media On learning of his demise, many mourned the loss of a rising star. “I just learned about it. Take it easy, Jacob. You stood out among the crowd. Without you, as one admirer said, the world is a smaller place.

RIP Jack Flint. Unbelievably sad news. Jake was a beloved green country musician,” said another. “What a prickly prick man. Jack Flint is a man’s prince and the world is lesser without him. Unreal,” added a third.

Dylan Stewart said, For someone who considers himself an orator, I certainly can’t find the words. You were best friends, Jack Flint. Just seeing your face brought a huge smile to my face. I sure miss you in life old friend. And I really look forward to finding you at the next one. #oldfriendsshinelikediamonds #ripjakeflint #myfriend Fourth Life Said we are saddened to hear of the passing of Ole Jacob Flint. He is a great talent with an even better personality and we are incredibly lucky to have him on our stage. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

Kevin said, Steve Liddell introduced me to Jake over the phone a few years ago. Apart from being involved in music, we both come from a petroleum industry background. We texted back and forth about getting together for lunch, but couldn’t line up our schedules to meet in person. Fast forward to 10/25/2021 & fate brings us together at the Amigo The Devil show at The Vanguard in Tulsa.

Fourth and direct said,

My friend Chris West gave me the ticket and as I walked in I was greeted by Brad Dunipin who said “Jake Flint’s here too!” I went over and finally tried to introduce myself. Me, him and our besties (Crystal & Brenda) finished several rounds of Jameson and enjoyed the show. I last saw Jake at the Oklahoma Music HOF Induction for Mike McClure. We greeted each other with a smile and a big hug that will last forever. My heart goes out to Brenda and the families. RIP Ole Jacob Flint…..I wish I had known you longer!

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