How Did Lib Sexy Love Die? Cause of death of music video actress revealed

How Did Lib Sexy Love Die?  Cause of death of music video actress revealed
How Did Lib Sexy Love Die? Cause of death of music video actress revealed

Liberian actress and comedian LIB SEXY Love has passed away. Let’s take a closer look at what happened to him and LIB SEXY love death.

What happened to Lib Sexy Love?

Online reports confirmed that Lib Sexy Love died unexpectedly on December 1, 2022. A report says,

Well-known Liberian female actress and comedian, LIB SEXY LOVE aka Nasera Love Kamara has passed away (passed away) recently. According to sources close to the late Sexy Love, she died after a year-long illness. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

LIB SEXY Love is the cause of death

One of Liberia’s promising up and coming actresses has been reported dead by many Liberian celebrities in the “sexy romance community.

As always, no one has released the details of how and why she died. However, official reports suggest that she passed away after a long illness.

Who is LIB SEXY Love?

Raised in the US, Nasera Love Kamara, who is well-known for her on-stage swagger, explored her talents and found it easy to perform even though she didn’t have the body size she does now.

She first started her career as a dancer at a young age as an entertainer. And as we break our circle of knowing, Love moves us through its lifeline.

When she returned to Africa in 2007, she realized that she would face many difficulties and that to achieve her goals, she would have to put in more effort than she had previously done in the United States.

She showed interest in the pageant and tried to compete for Miss, but it didn’t work out because of her plus-size body, which made people laugh at her and some said that it was not the best thing for her to enter.

She decided to go back to what she was most comfortable with and gave her more confidence.

Nasera Love Kamara’s passion

Love started dancing on stage with musicians. She worked her way up to the stage in various concerts and gave it all while dancing.

In the end, the name of love can no longer be hidden; Everyone recognized her as a glamorous love interest, and she was widely regarded as a “dancing fat lady”.

Life constantly presents us with opportunities to use what we already have to move forward more successfully, but sometimes we can be too dull to realize who we really are.

Kamara became an actress!

Seductive love never stops dancing. She danced until the big names in the business recognized her and established a name for herself by refusing to pay to enter any events and insisting that everyone she could support be on time.

The charismatic love loves to entertain, and her unusual passion for it led her to another path in business; She became an actor (actress).

She was discovered by someone who thought he could use her prowess on the big screen to continue dancing for the theater and make her a movie star.

“I started getting calls to perform with lip artistes and one fine evening/night show someone saw me and asked for my number; I happily offered it. A few days later, I got a call asking me if I could act in a movie and if I wanted to be an actor.

I never hesitated to say “yes” because I thought it was cool, I enjoyed it, it was good for me because I knew what I was doing, and other people thought I was cool, so I became an actor (actress) from that point.

In general, nothing depressed me more than when I first noticed people making fun of fat people. I never let it show, but I don’t like it, and it doesn’t make me happy to see it.

I created a Facebook profile to inspire people who shared my plus-size body type. I wanted to show them that they can be successful just like me.

Love with Christophe and DJ Nelly

I fell in love with a famous DJ (name withheld), self-conscious about their body size, trying to make sure they were happy with the way they looked, and pursuing my career as an actor and stage dancer. Through him, I met many amazing people from DJ Blue, Master Queen and Hot FM.

He started this whole journey as an entertainer in Liberia in 2009 but struggled for four years to get his name recognized in the country’s entertainment industry. She became well known in 2013.

Here are some of his movies if you are interested: Miss Ukraine, Kema, “Fire for Fire,” Mr. in Liberia. Ibu, “Miss Liberia,” Paul in the Army, “Family War,” are some examples. .

He only spoke of some heartfelt things that might make someone from outside of Liberia feel bad about the country. “They don’t notice you until you go to some Nigerian or American site,” she admits, “so sometimes I feel like I’m giving up on my skills, but I’m like, ‘You can turn hot love into honey, so keep pushing.

She recently started singing and is a strong advocate for Liberian music; Famous singers often call her to help promote their songs. Sister of Sexy Love PCK, Peter C. Also known as Kamara, one of Liberia’s greatest and most popular artists of all time.

Knowing the attractive love for you will be a great thing and monitoring her activities will ensure she achieves her goals and help others develop their God-given skills. That is the story of a glamorous love and how she rose to become the most talked about woman in Liberia. God has called me to this and I pray that my mother will keep me safe wherever she is.

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