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Michael Ciminella Wiki (Naomi Judd’s Ex-Husband) Biography, Age, Family was a Kentucky-born American businessman, marketing advisor, and celebrity spouse. He gained international notoriety as Naomi Judd’s first spouse (singer, songwriter, and actress).

Michael Ciminella

When it was revealed that Michael’s ex-partner had passed away at the age of 76 as a result of mental illness on April 30, 2022, Michael quickly gained notoriety online.

Famous American actress and singer Naomi Judd. Fans learned the devastating news that Judd had passed away at her Tennessee home on April 30, 2022, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The name Michael Charles Ciminella comes to mind when you consider her legacy and life story. He is the father of her daughter Ashley Judd and was her first husband. What about Michael C. Ciminella?

Michael Ciminella Age & Early Life

In 1945, parents gave birth to Michael Ciminella in the United States of America. He completed his primary and secondary education at a nearby institution in his hometown. Later, this celebrity obtained a bachelor’s degree after being accepted to a university.

Michael Ciminella

He has dual citizenship with the United States and the Church of Christ. In Kentucky, Michael passed away a few years ago from natural causes. He also left his company a number of years ago.

77 years of age (as of 2022). His mother’s name is Mary Bernadine Dalton. Michael has kept the specifics of his upbringing and education a secret.

A businessman and marketing advisor, Michael Ciminella. Despite all that he has accomplished in his career,

He is well known for being Naomi Judd’s first husband. From 1964 through 1972, they were married for eight years. Ashley Judd, who was born in 1967, is the daughter Michael and his ex-wife were blessed with. Ashley is a well-known politician and actress.

Michael Ciminella Height & Weight

Michael Ciminella has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He is about 65 kilogrammes in weight. He has White hair and wonderful warm brown eyes. His dress size, shoe size, biceps, chest, waist, hips, and other physical characteristics are all unknown.

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Michael Ciminella’s Net Worth

He spent his entire life working hard before retiring with grace. Ad Michael Ciminella’s estimated net worth in 2022 will be $25 million USD.He had owned a number of businesses in the past.

Michael Ciminella biography

He worked in positions that allowed him to gain experience before starting his professional career. Michael ultimately made the decision to start his own company. With the help of his family and colleagues, he was able to gradually develop a multimillion dollar business. The founder of Ashland Aluminum Co. was Ciminella.

Michael Ciminella Wife & Marriage

Who is Michael Ciminella’s wife?In 1964, he married his devoted girlfriend in a simple ceremony. Ashley Tyler Ciminella, also known as Ashley Judd, was born on April 19, 1968, and she is the child of him and Judd.

She is a political activist in addition to being an actress. In addition to Ruby in Paradise (1993), Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996), Double Jeopardy (1999), Where the Heart Is (2000), High Crimes (2002), De-Lovely (2004), Olympus Has Fallen (2013), Divergent (2014), A Dog’s Way Home (2019), and others,

Michael Ciminella family

she made appearances in a number of well-known movies.On April 30, 2022, Wynonna Judd aka Christina Claire Ciminella and Ashley were the first to tweet about their mother’s passing. Michael and Judd broke up in 1972 for a variety of personal reasons.

Larry Strickland was her second husband, and they had been together for about 30 years. I have no idea how she and her ex-husband Michael managed to stay friends after their divorce.

Michael C. Ciminella (Marketing consultant): Who Is Naomi Judd’s First Husband?

The first husband of American country music performer and actress Naomi Judd was Michael C. Ciminella.

Naomi Judd and marketing strategist Michael Ciminella were wed for eight years.

Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd were wed specifically from 1964 to 1972.

There isn’t much information available about Ciminella other the fact that he was Naomi Judd’s first spouse.

But together with her daughter Wynonna Judd, his ex-wife Naomi Judd founded the hugely popular singing group known as the Judds.

lost at all three major country music awards events for eight straight years.In addition, the pair received a huge number of other distinctions and prizes, including five Grammys.

Naomi Judd also received a Grammy for best country song of the year for the Judds’ smash “Love Can Build a Bridge” as a songwriter.

Sadly, Naomi Judd, Ciminella’s ex-wife, died on April 30, 2022, at the age of 76.

Michael Ciminella education

He graduated from a private high school after attending. The public is unaware of the university he attended. His wife, on the other hand, had previously attended the College of Marin, where he studied nursing.

Michael Ciminella Parents

His parents raised him in the country where he was born. He has kept his parents’ names and whereabouts a secret. He has insisted on keeping his family’s personal information highly private.

Ex-wife Michael Ciminella

He was Naomi Judd’s first spouse. In 1964, the two were married. Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd, their two daughters, were born during their marriage.

The couple filed for divorce after eight years of marriage. It is unknown why the two decided to wed. He adopted Wynonna as well, even though she wasn’t his biological child. When she was a young girl, Naomi adopted her after her lover dumped her.

Cause of Death for Naomi Judd.

On April 30, 2022, Naomi passed away. At the age of 76, she passed away. She enjoyed nearly four decades of continuous success as both a musician and an actress.It is unknown what caused the death exactly.

Ashley Judd and Wynonna Judd, her children, claimed that their mother’s death was caused by a mental condition. In a statement, they claimed that their mother had passed away from a mental ailment.

Michael Ciminella photo

According to Naomi Judd’s spokesperson, her husband of 32 years, Larry Strickland, won’t be making any statements. The grieving family requested some private time to process their loss.

Quick Facts About Michael Ciminella, Naomi Judd’s First Husband.

Ashley Judd, a singer, is the child of Michael Ciminella. He was Naomi Judd’s first husband, and the two of them had a daughter.

On April 30, 2022, her daughters Ashley and Wynonna Judd jointly announced that their mother had passed away at the age of 76.Judd died the day before she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, only one day before.

Judd had been married to Larry Strickland, her second husband, for more than 30 years at the time of her death.

Judd killed himself, according to sources quoted by People Magazine, and later passed away. The Nashville medical examiner’s office claims that.

After their mother’s passing, Naomi’s daughters described themselves as “shattered.”

“Today, all of us sisters saw a horrific thing happen. “We regrettably lost our beloved mother to the disease of mental illness,” the message reads. “This has totally destroyed us.

She was adored by her audience as well as by us, and while we are in a deep period of loss, we are also aware of this. Right now, we’re in uncharted territory. The statement made no further mention of it, according to the Associated Press.

According to Daily Variety, Strickland, who has been Judd’s spouse for the past 32 years, “will not be making any additional statements,” according to a statement sent by Judd’s publicist.

During this challenging Judd “had perished after taking her own life,” according to a report by journalist Micah Kennedy that appeared on the News Channel 5 website, a Nashville-based television station.

He did not cite a source, the family hasn’t confirmed it, and his account was afterwards changed to erase the comment. He did not offer any proof to back up his assertion.

Living in Franklin, Tennessee, was Naomi Judd. Heavy is making contact with the Williamson County medical examiner. The on-call investigator for the county coroner’s office in Nashville, Tennessee, said she could not answer because the office was not involved when asked if it was handling Judd’s death.

Judd married gospel singer Strickland following his divorce with Ciminella.

Strickland describes himself as the “son of a pastor who loves Gospel Music” on his website. Raleigh, North Carolina, is where he was born.

His first gospel concert occurred when he was 12 years old, and he continued singing with gospel quartets travelling all over North Carolina until he was required to enlist in the military in 1966, according to his biography.

He sang in gospel quartets all around North Carolina after his four-year employment at the National Security Agency in Frankfurt, Germany.Judd had earlier hinted that they shared a lot of similarities when he said, “We come from common backgrounds.

Larry and I are not from wealthy or well-off families. He went to work in the tobacco fields every summer. Dad had his own gas station, and by doing so, he taught me the value of hard labour.The author claims that Larry is the most humble person he has ever met.

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